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organic herbal blends

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Progressing Bodies recommends using Wheatgrass and Black Walnut first as a cleansing method before starting any other product, and thereafter, one week at a time every three months. Please do not exceed the use of these products no more than four times per year.

Wellness Kit

Wheatgrass Herbal Blend A gentle herbal blend to help support the body’s natural cleansing and detoxification functions.* Supports Body's Elimination Processes* Promotes a Healthy Internal Environment* A Gentle One Step, 7 Day Process Wheatgrass Herbal Blend is a dietary supplement designed to gently help support the body’s natural cleansing and...

Celery Seed Herbal Blend Helps support healthy bladder function and activity.* Urinary Tract Support* Maintains Kidney Cleansing Function* Celery Seed Herbal Blend is a bladder-supportive supplement designed to help support kidney health and urinary tract wellness.* Celery seeds contains an array of phytochemical compounds including phthalides, flavonoids, and polyacetylenes that...
  • Abraham' Seed

    I have been working with medicinal plants and organic formulations for over 11 years, I have never seen a formulation like this before.

    Steve G./Salt Lake City, UT

  • Black Walnut

    Amazing product. I combined this product with Wheatgrass and Chlorella. After 3 weeks of use, I lost a total of 14 lbs. I really enjoyed this series of products because I had no side effects. No headache, no flushing feeling, no rapid heartbeat.

    Paula E./Charlotte, NC

  • Canary Seed

    Amazing product. This product combined with diet and exercise, after about 3 weeks I was able to get off of my insulin.

    Paul S./Atlanta, GA

  • Chlorella

    Great product. I used this product for 3 weeks and lost about 12 lbs. I love this product because I had no side effects. No jidders or rapid heartbeat. I was able to drop 3 dress sizes.

    Claudia S./Stone Mountain, GA