Are You Ready for the Winter (Flu) Season?

Are You Ready for the Winter (Flu) Season?

Some individuals believe that they can't do much to avoid the flu and only time will help them recover from their symptoms, but this isn't true and there is a great deal of things you can do to boost your resistance and avoid the flu. We discussed in another post what you need to know about flu viruses. 

There is no magic recipe in creating a healthy immune system. The very best location to begin is getting rid of unhealthy food and drinks. This will enable your body to operate at its maximum capacity. We have a short series coming soon that describes how unhealthy food adversely affects your immune system.  But what else can you do? There are numerous methods to naturally enhance your immunity to viral invaders. One great way is to use homeopathic remedies that many people love such as ginseng, astragalus, mullein leaves, yerba Santa leaves, and parthenium root. Some people also use capsicum fruit, yarrow, pau d 'arco bark, colloidal or ionized silver, echinacea, garlic, elderberry syrup, goldenseal root powder, and lemon balm tea.

Progressing Bodies Corp hand-picks the most powerful active ingredients to consist of in Elderberry XL Plus which functions (in the body) against some scary offenders. It is anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, and helps the body heal from flu infections and causes the return of complete and energetic bodily restoration.

  Did you know that more than 70% of our body immune system is in our gut? Therefore, it is necessary to keep an adequate number of friendly bacteria in your gut. Many people supplement with acidophilus and bifidophilus to attain this. Most people are unaware that the typical American diet plan, prescription antibiotics and other prescription medications damage these great bacteria.

 Essential oils can likewise be utilized to boost immunity. A disinfecting room mist can be made by taking a 4 oz. glass bottle with a sprayer and adding a total of 90 drops of each; rosemary, tea tree and peppermint oils and fill the rest with distilled or spring or shake 100 times and let it sit for 24 hours before use. It does take a substantial effort to develop immunity and accomplish maximum health however you and your family are worth it!

In closing it is a great idea to take your time, do your homework and analyze your health and then find the natural products to fulfill your needs. This something you can do for yourself and your family. You will develop an excellent understanding of your body's needs. Lots of people go through life relying exclusively on others when it comes to their nutrition or health. There are lots of great articles on the internet, which can be practical and helpful to you.

Do you want to strengthen your immune system now? Are you dealing with flu symptoms and want a true solution? try one of the most powerful supplements on the market today and join our many relieved and satisfied customers.


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