Fight Aging Using Antioxidants

Fight Aging Using Antioxidants

What are Anti-oxidants?

Our body is constantly attacked by sunlight, pollution and other damaging factors. While saving the body, we produce free radicals. They are oxygen molecules without an electron and they search around the body for a free electron. They take it from a healthy cell and cause damage to it. That is very harmful to body and accelerates aging. Anti oxidants give an electron to these free radicals and stop them from damaging healthy cells. That is how they protect us from aging.

How can we use antioxidants?

 Most of the Vitamins such as Vitamin C and E are antioxidants. Everyone can get them from their diet. Beta-carotene that is a type of Vitamin A is an excellent anti oxidant. It is also available from carrots. Many healthy supplements of these Vitamins are available as well.. Selenium and Copper peptide are other examples of antioxidants.  Some of these anti oxidants are formulated in topical applications and can be used to maintain the younger looking skin. Many Vitamin formulations are available in the market to fight aging. Choose one carefully that suits your skin type. and remember that antioxidants are our friends.

According to authors at, there are internal causes of the high free radical level in the body that can lead to cell damage and oxidative stress include:

  • Mitochondrial activity

  • Inflammation

  • Tissue trauma, due to inflammation and injury

  • Ischemia and reperfusion damage

  • Stress

  • Infectious and chronic diseases

  • High internal toxin levels

  • Age

  • Obesity


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