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Why Mind Over Matter...Matters (Part 1)

  Okay, so you made the decision to improve your health. You are taking   your vitamins, you've given up smoking and junk food, and you've   decided to buy a juicer to take advantage of the health benefits of   juicing. These are all wonderful things! In fact, according to the latest studies, juicing raw fruits and vegetables may help in cancer treatment and prevention, as well as the treatment and prevention of a many other  ailments like heart disease, (including high blood pressure) allergies,  asthma, and allergies.

 Yet there is one important element in helping your body stay healthy that people often overlook.  That element is your mind.  That's right! It's called the Mind-Body connection. In a nutshell, what you believe in your mind can influence things in your body and the decisions you make.

It's known that anxiety can make any illness worse. Anxiety can make pain feel worse, lower defenses that allow a cold virus to take hold and can aid in raising your blood pressure.

Sometimes the simple act of relaxing can do wonders for your health. That's all part of the mind/body connection.

You've heard of the placebo effect, haven't you? That's when you get better thinking you're taking a certain medication, only to find out you were really taking a sugar pill. In almost all studies of medications, there's a certain percentage of people who improve taking the placebo. Why? Because they thought they were taking the real thing. They expected to feel better, and they did.  Now, am I saying you can conquer any illness just by thinking yourself healthy? No. And, if you have any symptoms that concern you, you should see a health-care professional. But, using the power of positive thinking, belief, and relaxation techniques in conjunction with healthy eating and modern medicine can certainly help with the treatment of any disease.

What are some possible results?

It can lower anxiety, which can help improve any anxiety-related illness. It can also ease nausea in cancer patients (which can help with certain procedures.) and lessen the effects of pain. In part two of this article, we share another alternative way to increase positive belief to bring about healing in the body.

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