Your Health And Diet During Holidays

Your Health And Diet During Holidays

Are you ready for all the excitement of the holidays? This is the a perfect time to spend quality time with families and friends. Parties offer all kinds of tempting food and you want to indulge in mouthwatering delicacies. If you are the kind who sticks to a fitness routine, you might tend to enjoy less of yummy foods and spend more time worrying about the increasing waistline. You can still stay healthy and fit while enjoying some yummy delicacies. With a small amount of planning, some simple goal setting and old-fashioned discipline, you can enjoy the holiday season without any worries. Here is a list of a few ways wherein you can follow your diet and stay in great shape too.

Here is a prerequisite disclosure: It may be a good idea consult your health practitioner before starting a new dietary or fitness regimen. Those with pre-existing conditions or prescription drug regimens should also consider what their physical and nutritional limits and requirements might be.

For many people, holidays are just an excuse to side-step the fitness program. The mindset of people is that since we follow our fitness routine all week/month/year long, we can indulge in gorging over the cake and ice cream. Instead, adopt a mindset shift and aim to stay on track with your fitness program this and all other holidays. Skipping workouts, eating more, and exercising less leads to inevitable weight gain. It's like going back to where we started. Decide to stay in shape with all the food around you.

Holidays are a hectic time. All premeditated schedules can go haywire. To stay on track, create a workout timetable listing down all the parties, dinners and so on. Keep the timetable at such a place where you are forced to look at it every day. This serves as a reminder to stick to your timetable religiously.

If you think you would like to lose 25 lbs. during holidays despite enjoying parties, set a goal much before and start working towards it. Keep in mind that your goal can also be to gain few kilos also.

With so much lip smacking, gorgeous food all around, you will feel tempted to just give your fitness program. Keep one day aside where you can treat yourself to all your cravings (Be careful! Stop eating when you are no longer hungry!). Stick to your fitness program rest of the days. And don't feel even one iota of guilt while satiating yourself. Schedule your day to cheat on fitness routine when you have major event lined up.

If you skip one day of exercise, don't despair. Get on with it the next day. Nothing goes waste. One day of holiday in your fitness schedule should be a motivating factor for you to get back on your fitness regimen.

If you have planned a big dinner, you might tend to skip either morning or afternoon meal. Avoid changing your eating pattern. Treat the big dinner party at night just like regular dinner time and eat how much you would eat normally.

Control food portion size in holidays. Eat your favorite foods in moderation. Don't forget: Overindulgence will show around your waistline.

Make the best possible choice based on the alternatives available in front of you. If it's impossible, eat a small portion than a big one.

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Drink few glasses of water before dinner to control your appetite and not kill those hunger pangs. If you just drink and not eat a well-balanced meal, you will bloat. Drink water throughout the day to maintain a steady state of hydration.

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